Using Bubbles for Language Development

Written by Sharon Powell

July 14, 2018

How can you use bubbles to encourage your toddler’s language development?

We use bubbles A LOT in our sessions with young children. It is a great ice breaker activity when getting to know infants and toddlers. However, they are not just a fun activity for the sake of having fun … bubbles are a powerful tool for encouraging many communication skills.

They are motivating for the little ones to communicate because they are so much FUN.

I hope the following ways we use bubbles give parents more ideas of how you can use bubbles at home to promote your little one’s language development.

  • Using bubbles to encourage eye contact

Build up the anticipation and wait for eye contact from your toddler before you blow more bubbles.

  • Using bubbles to encourage your child to make a request

Blow some bubbles, screw the lid back on tight, and give the bubbles to your child. Wait to see what they do. If, after trying to open the bubbles themselves unsuccessfully, they hand them back to you for help, they have just made a request. Encourage your child to have a turn at blowing bubbles, if they can’t, encourage them to ask for help.

  • Using bubbles to teach turn taking

Bubbles are a fun way to teach ‘my turn’, ‘your turn’. Basic turn taking routines teach kids the underlying skills for later conversational turn taking.

  •  Using bubbles for vocabulary development

Nouns:           bubbles

Adjectives:  big, little

Locations:    up, down, on, under

Actions:        pop, gone, look, stomp/stamp, kick, find

Questions:  where

Social:            mummy’s turn,  …..’s turn

  • Using bubbles to practice developing phrases

If your child is beginning to put words together you can encourage your child to use phrases, Eg:

2 words:     more bubbles, big bubble, pop bubble, where’s bubble, bubbles gone

3 words:     I want  bubbles, look little bubbles, bubbles go pop, bubbles go up,

  • Using bubbles because they are fun, kids love them and you can have a great time playing together with bubbles.

We tend to just use the basic bubbles  (as we are mostly inside), which the kids love, but here are also so many options on different types of bubbles and bubble blowers.

Here are a selection of our bubbles.   I love the non-spill containers – our newest bubble addition. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I haven’t (yet) had it spill.

Have fun playing with bubbles!

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