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Therapy/Other Intervention

School/kindy visits

Assessment may involve one or all of the following:

  • Discussion with parents/carers (about medical and developmental factors) and allowing the child to settle into this new environment
  • Focused activities with the child:
    • Structured/formal assessment for older children
    • For younger children, activities will be play-based. Information provided by parents plays an important part of the assessment
  • Discussion about the outcome of the assessment

Assessment might take place over one or more sessions as children respond in a variety of ways when interacting with unfamiliar adults and/or being in an unfamiliar setting.

We can carry out joint assessment sessions with 2 speech pathologists or organise multi-disciplinary assessments with an occupational therapist. We can arrange personalised assessments within a clinic environment in Sumner, The Gap or Pullenvale. Or we can provide school, or home visits within the Brisbane, Ipswich and Springfield areas.

Follow–up may involve one or several of the following:Childrens' Speech Therapy Service in Brisbane, Ipswich and Springfield,QLD

  • Strategies/activities for home
  • A home programme
  • Referral to another professional
  • Further speech/language assessment
  • Review to monitor development
  • Regular therapy as needed