Language Development: Infants 1-2 years

BY 1 YEAR infants should be able to:

• Respond to familiar sounds (e.g. parents’ voices, phone, car)
• Show Interest in watching your face
• Understand simple commands e.g. no
• Recognise their own name
• Start saying ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ and a few other words
• Try to make familiar sounds, e.g. animal and car noises

 How to encourage your child’s language

• Babies learn about talking and listening through play
• Choose games and toys that encourage exploration and interaction
• When interacting make sure you are face to face with your child
• Play simple repetitive games such as “peek-a-boo” and ‘posting’
• sing nursery rhymes with hand actions such as’ twinkle twinkle …’
• Respond to your child’s sounds and babbling
• Talk to your child and pause… to let your child have a turn
• Look at different types of books
• Use simple but grammatical sentences

BY 2 YEARS infants should be able to:

• Use about 20 words at 18 months & 100+ words at 24 months
• Understand simple instructions and give a toy when asked
• Begin to combines two words such ‘doggie gone’, ‘mummy car’
• Wave good-bye and play familiar finger games
• Point and name body parts. e.g. toes, eyes, and nose
• Concentrate on their own activity when not interrupted
• Sing some simple songs

How to encourage your child’s language

• Respond to your child’s early efforts at saying new words
• Use clear and grammatically correct sentences to your child
• Look at your child when talking with him/her
• Use action words, e.g. jumping, running, fall-down, sleeping
• Use some describing words e.g. dirty, gone, broken, big
• Build up a set of songs and rhymes to sing
• Choose toys that promote play
• Talk about what your child is interested in throughout the day

If you have any concerns about your child’s language development please contact us to discuss your child’s individual circumstances. We can carry out a full assessment and offer you advice that is specific to your child’s needs. We have Certified Practising Speech Pathologists who are members of Speech Pathology Australia and we have therapists who are trained in the Hanen ‘It Takes Two to Talk’ and ‘More Than Words’ parent training programs.
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